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Soeur Co Teddy Bear Slippers

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Soeur business hub
SBH - SOEUR BUSINESS HUB offers business services and digital products needed to get your very own shop up and running. Ready to launch but haven’t figured out the leg work? Our team of business professionals will build your website, create your marketing campaigns, setup your Facebook shop or simply give you the tools and information necessary to do it yourself.

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Shop Beauty: Kure By Ky

Beauty store

Kure's shop contains a range of beauty products and accessories. From non-stick, moisturizing lip gloss to handbags and jewelry, take a look at our partner shop co-founded by 8-year-old entrepreneur, Kyler-Peyton.

Shop Kids Clothing: KB Fashion Co

Kids fashion
For the hottest kids fashion, shop our partner brand KB Fashion.

Search “Doog The Dude” on all music platforms

 Doog The Dude is an upcoming artist and songwriter from Virginia Beach, VA. He's gained attention for his hit singles "Focused," and "The Don," released in January of 2021.  

Stream “Thin Line Between Love & This”

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