Track My Shipment

Use this page after you have received a tracking number from our customer support team. If you have not received tracking, your order may still be processing (processing takes up to 7 business days).

We utilize a number of carriers in order to deliver shipments to you. We first recommend utilizing the carrier's direct website. If you are unsure of the carrier assigned to your tracking number, we recommend using a third party tracking tool that can retrieve shipment details from all carriers. 

Tracking tool: 17 Track

Top Carriers and their tracking number examples:

USPS (generally 22 digit #s)

UPS (generally starts with 1Z)

FEDEX (generally 12-15 digit #s)

CAINIAO  (generally the same as USPS as they partner with USPS)

EPacket (generally 13 characters starting with LQ/LM/LN/AQ)


Common Tracking Error Messages:

Shipment not found:

1. Your shipment may not yet be in the carrier's system (this could take 72 hours and sometimes can be delayed up to a week).


2. You are selecting the wrong carrier. Use the chart above to determine the correct carrier and select it in the system or use the carrier's direct website.

USPS is awaiting receipt/ label created: 

1: USPS has not scanned your shipment yet (this could take 72 hours and sometimes can be delayed up to a week). Shipments will not reflect in the carriers system until the carrier scans a package. This does not mean that your shipment has not been received.


2: USPS is not the primary carrier: You may be using a tracking number that did not originate with USPS. Please attempt CAINIAO/ Epacket or